wake up tablet/laptop with power button without long pressing it for 5 seconds?

I have an HP Elite X2 1030 G3 with Intel Core i5-8350U.
When the device sleeps/suspend and I want to wake it up with a single press of the power button, it does not wake up.
I need to long press the power button for 5 seconds.
Is there an option to wake it up with a single press only?
I had the same issue on chrome os and I had to enable suspend s3 to solve this issue.
Is it the same for opensuse; is there a way to enable suspend s3?

maybe it’s the normal behavior on linux? I don’t know…my daily driver is windows and it is very very quick; power button wakes up the device in less than 1 second

Default for Linux is shut down, default for Windows is Sleep/Hibernate.
You might not access Windows partitions from Linux with Windows Hibernate being enabled.
You can use Hibernate (Suspend to disk) with Linux with disabled Secure Boot.

What do you see when you run this command?

> cat /sys/power/mem_sleep

My machine can only do s2idle, but yours may be different.