wake up from sleep-open laptop lid problems

I’m using kde and default settings. When I open the laptop lid from sleep the mouse pointer freezes and wifi password is not saved, auto wifi connect not working

switched to gnome and wifi password seems to be saving ok for now.
After I open the laptop from sleep the mouse pointer gets frozen and does not work. Have to reboot and then it works fine until it goes into sleep mode again.
Think I’m going to try 15.1

15.2 is still beta you should report the problem to hopefully have it fixed on release

I installed 15.1 and it does the same thing with mouse freezing

Try a different user

Exactly what hardware??

lenovo thinkpad edge e431, intel i5

it’s a synaptics touchpad for mouse, an ibm trackpoint mouse button and a touch screen that shows up as a mouse?
When I try to open up the touchpad app I get this error message "
GSynaptics couldn’t initialize.
You have to set ‘SHMConfig’ ‘true’ in xorg.conf or XF86Config to use GSynaptics"

SO have you tried that??

Have no idea how to do that. I’m new to linux

How do I submit a bug report?

[QUOTE=1chip;2938308]How do I submit a bug report?/QUOTE
I filed one/

So now the mouse pointer sometimes freezes after laptop wakes from sleep without closing the lid. Seems like it’s getting worse.
After restarting everything is fine.

Never mind. Went back to windows 10 since the bug wasn’t apparently big enough to fix.