waiting for authorization problem

i want to use my internet rooter with my wireless, but when i enter SSID and Security informations, networkmanager want the root password, then the detail of networkmanager is 'waiting for authorization", and then connection be disconnect. please help me.

What version of openSUSE?
KDE or Gnome

Have you used the wireless before?

Opensuse 12.1 , KDE ,
yes, you’ve several months ago helped me to install its driver on my laptop and use it :slight_smile: , but now i reinstalled my openSUSE for a problem and i repeat that process to install my wireless driver and installed that, but now have that problem who i explained to you in last post, i did not have this problem in the past use.

i know that my router works correctly and i’m using that now in Win7. i think this problem reason is my Options in openSUSE for wireless , please help me.

So you have the wireless driver installed OK?
It’s just not connecting…

Delete any connection in the network manager
Make a new one (make sure you make it a system connection)

Does that help

Also consider a complete shutdown (and if a laptop, pull the battery for a min)
Then try again

If you have a wired connection

su -
zypper in rfkill

Post result of

/usr/sbin/rfkill list

Thank you , thats problem automatically solved when i shutdown my laptop and turn on again.