VX-3000 no UVC webcam drivers 11.1

I went to the following link and the 1-click installs fail.

HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

I searched hi and low using lib4 LD settings to get aMSN and Skype to work with my older webcam that worked before 11.1.

What’s the solution? Why did SUSE break this?

The gspca-drivers are already in the kernel starting from 2.6.27, uvcvideo was introduced in 2.6.26, so no need to install an extra driver package, the link there is wrong (as also stated in the comment on that link).

However, many applications still do not work very well with the new drivers, most times LD_PRELOAD-workarounds help, but not always.

This is not a “SuSE breaks stuff”-problem, you can have a look at Bugtrackers of other distributions shipping with kernel 2.6.27 or higher and you will find similar problems.

Thanks for the update. If the drivers are in the kernel how does one get them loaded to see the camera? My newer portable cmaera loads fine under UVC but I use the VX-3000 when I am docked at home. I only really use SKYPE and aMSN. Any help would be awesome.

Reread the article, I just made some changes to it.

And give more informations on your hardware (USB-ID is far more interesting than some “vendor’s name”).