VUZE and System Upgrades

This is supposed to be a quick question about Vuze and any upcoming system upgrade:
Which procedure do I have to follow to move unfinished Downloads and other VUZE data in order to move it to an upgraded system and still being able to resume where VUZE left off?

Save .azureus
And any related folders outside that which you may use for completed or incomplete downloads.

Place the .azureus folder in your new system /home

This assumes you are formatting /home

You don’t need to move anything. Vuze keeps logs and config files in your home dir about each torrent it’s downloading or seeding. Upgrading to newer OS version will not change those

Well, when doing a complete re-install of the system from 11.1 to 11.2 with a complete formatting beforehand I´ll sure have to do as caf4926 recommended. Otherwise I´d lose all my data.

why are you complete reformatting, esp your /home partition?