VST plugins cause LMMS to hang indefinatley.

Full Wine is installed, so VST should work. All VST plugins cause LMMS to hang. However, the dials and such on the plugins are responsive, so I think its a problem with LMMS. For that matter VST works perfectly under Reaper, which is a platinum rated Windows program running under Wine.

If you start LMMS from Konsole, do you get any error messages?

A few plugins will work. I do get errors when there is either a freeze or when a plugin seems to be unresponsive or rendered incorrectly.

This is the sort of error that is seen when the plugin does not work correctly, and when LMMS freezes.
fixme:gdiplus:GdipDrawLine graphics object has no HDC

This message is seen when it loads a plugin, but the plugin doesn’t work. LMMS isn’t frozen when this message is seen.
RemotePlugin::DebugMessage: editor successfully created

Considering the plugins work perfectly with the Windows program Reaper run under wine, I am inclined to think its a problem with LMMS or the Vestige thingy that loads the plugins.

Also just noticed some of the plugin processes persist after LMMS is shut off.

I have never used LMMS and Vestige(?), however, I do remember that both (if I remember correctly) fst and dssi-vst had problems with vst plug-ins created with SynthEdit. I am outdated topic-wise though, I quit using Windows/Wine vst a couple of years ago so things may have changed. But I remember Rosegarden (dssi-vst) crashed when I added those vst plug-ins to the vst directory, sometimes the whole system froze as well. Reaper is a native, Windows, vst host so it wouldn’t be affected as it doesn’t rely on any wrapper, e.g. dssi-vst or fst, to use (win) vst plug-ins.

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