Have tryed to understand vsftp and proftp but i cant really also tryed to find an example file to compare and understand but not working or me.

I installed it and can login and so but heres what i want.

No anonymous at all!
adding users into userlist no local users that are on my linux system.
They should be locked into my FTP folder, though this one is empty at the moment as i need to us links to folders i want some users to have access to wich are on different hd’s on my system.

So how can i specify that example user TEST can login with name and pass.
To stay in FTP folder and access for an example MY PHOTOS folder only.

And user 2 TEST2 can acccess MY MUSIC folder but not MY PHOTOS folder.

User TEST shall not see folder MY MUSIC only MY PHOTOS.

Or same above but we use local users but must be locked to home with no chanse to see other than home and ofcourse my specified folder MY MUSIC i want to share .

So scenario is
FTP folder are there it is empty need to link folders to it?
User stay in FTP folder if no local users are used, if local users are used be in HOME folder but can see FTP folder and can browse to it and also MY MUSIC for specified user

I did set up proftp several years ago but forgot all, would be really happy if i can get help with this.
Tanx in advanced