VSFTPD - Configure and test for Secure FTP

Just installed VSFTP via YaST for a proof of concept. I need the Server it is running on to be capable of Secure FTP. First, I would like to know if enabling Secure FTP is as easy as just setting the port number to listen on. If not, what needs to be done?
Secondly, I would like to test and verify Secure FTP works - how would I go about that using one of the Workstations on my Network?


You need to enable SSL in the config, and also to make a certificate. If you are port forwarding through a firewall, you also need to specify the incoming port range.

Filezilla can do ftps.

Hi Ken,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
For the moment Port Forwarding is not a concern, however I may need to revisit this issue.
With regard to my immediate needs, would you please be so kind as to inform how I would go about generating a certificate and then installing that certificate?
As for FileZilla, and I imagine you are referring to the FTP Server, from what I read the FileZilla Server does not support Secure FTP, unless I am misunderstanding your remarks where you are actually referring to the client in trying to advise how I would test the Server
If that is the case then I thank you, and I do indeed use the FileZilla FTP client for my graphical FTP needs.
Thank you again for your time and attention.

If you search for “vsftpd ssl” you will find lots of documents, for example this one:


You just have to find a tute for a Linux flavour that resembles SUSE. I don’t bookmark these links, they are easy to search for.

Actually Filezilla is better known as a ftp/ftps/sftp client. Lots of people are unaware that there is also a Filezilla server for Windows.

Hi Ken,
Thank you so much, you have been very helpful.