VSFTPD and virtual users

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up FTP users for my website, but I’d like to have it so that all of the files on my site are still owned by wwwrun:www.

I’ve looked at a few guides on setting up virtual users, but I’m running into a problem with actually logging in. If I user a local user, I can get on (but it changes the permissions of each file), but if I change my pam.d to use /etc/apach2/dav_users.db, which I created with the htpasswd2 command, I can’t log in at all.

Is there any way to make the above happen?

Normally the instructions for setting up pam for vsftpd tell you to use the Berkeley DB utils, in particular db_load to create the DB. Where did you get the idea that htpasswd2 is used?

Couple of places on the web.

The bottom line for all of this is that I’m trying to work out a bug with some software (Adobe Contribute) using the Webdav protocol and the support people want me to set up FTP to see if the program, using that protocol, can do the functions that WebDav is not allowing. In trying to set it up, I don’t want to have to assign all of my pages to myself and the users group, I want it to stay wwwrun:www (since I’ll hopefully be switching right back to WebDav when they figure this out).

I’m going to search for some information on the db_load stuff, but if you have any easy-to-follow tutorials, please let me know.


a vsftpd guide - vsftpdrocks.org

is one of the hits for “vsftpd virtual users”. It points out that there are worked examples with the vsftpd package. You can see where the documentation was installed with:

rpm -ql vsftpd

Usually /usr/share/doc.

Lots of other links result from the same search.