i setup my vpn connection

i setup it on desktop pc and connected successfully

i setup it on laptop(dell inspiron 1520) as like as my desktop and connected but i didn’t have any receive
what can i do?

I am not entirely sure what you are trying to get at. What kind of VPN did you try to set up? Is this Vpn on your local computer or in a remote location?

i connect to inernet via my office lan

i did it in windows and didn’t have any problem
and i did it in opensuse on my desktop and connected correctly and didn’t have any problem

but i have this problem on my laptop

i work with opensuse 10.3 and kde 3.5

Yes, but there are several different types of vpn’s, such as PPTP (Microsoft), or openvpn. You will need to find out what this is before anyone can help you. If it is PPTP, then you may be out of luck. there isn’t great support for it on opensuse.

i setup for point to point tunneling protocol
and set an ip for modem ip address

unfortunately opensuse doesnt have great support for this protocol. I have similar issues myself. I would suggest searching the forums for “PPTP” for more information on the issue


but it works on desktop

is there any difference between laptop and desktop?

are you running opensuse or xp on your desktop? If you are running opensuse, what version is it? which version is on your laptop

i have opensuse 10.3 with kde 3.5.7 on my desktop

laptop model:dell inspiron 1520

Hi ,

Documentation/VPN - openSUSE here is the documentation , are you sure that you are using kvpnc on both your Desktop and Laptop

In documentation it says that kvpnc is the most suitable vpn software for windows vpns