Hey guys, so I’m interested in setting up a VPN for my laptop with Suse 15.

I have been looking around and am unsure what to settle on, so I’m curious if there are any recommendations or guides you folks might recommend me to check out.

I was looking at getting NordVPN since it’s only $2.99/month so at least it cheap for me to try it out with 30 day money back, however I’ve been searching and haven’t found any related articles with it being used on Suse, so I’m hesitant to purchase before I know it will be compatible as it seems to only show .deb file for Linux on their site.

I should specify that ultimately I just want a way to use torrents relatively anonymously. I Use Firefox and Ktorrent, I also recently downloaded the Tor Browser which gives some privacy but the routing is lost I assume once the file opens in Ktorrent.
So whatever the best option would be for this I’d be happy to know!

It should not be an issue to get the VPN going via terminal. Follow the tutorial for Linux commands - https://nordvpn.com/tutorials/linux/openvpn/ Not sure about the NordVPN Linux app tho. Would try it first.
However, the first method imho should work without issues. Since you are hesitant to buy the subscription - there is no need to, since they do provide a trial for three days - https://free.nordvpn.com/trial/
Good luck on configuring and getting it to work. If you get the sequence complete (connected) - the torrents will be safe too.

I’ve been using NordVPN for a few years now. It works well and you can configure it in network manager or in a terminal. The .deb packages don’t work in opensuse, but it doesn’t really matter because you don’t get the same functionality as the windows software anyway.

The one thing you will need is a kill switch because even the best vpn will disconnect. You can use ufw for that (networking - UFW no longer allowing connection when enabled - Ask Ubuntu) and run it each time you connect and disconnect.

Oh okay great, thanks!
How did you get the NordVPN package/software installed then?

You don’t as the software is completely useless. Download the opvn file for the server you want to connect to from the NordVPN website. Choose a server in a country that allows torrenting. Use network manager to “import from file” and all you need is your login and password. The only thing you need to install is UFW from the opensuse repo and possibly some extra “network-manager…” packages to get proper VPN setup options (these should already be installed).

Oh okay makes sense. Thanks!

Before trying with the Network Manager, I would try on the command line:

sudo openvpn --config .../vpn-config.ovpn


me also picked the special offer by NordVPN.
I works great with NetworkManager and the openvpn-extension. I downloaded the zip-file with all server-configs from NordVPN and imported one for Germany, one for USA and so on.
I also works fine by use of the normal openvpn service.

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