VPN issue with Suse 11

Ok, I just upgraded from 10.3 to OpenSuse 11. I use my Suse box as a web server and firewall for my home network. As such, my work pc uses a VPN to get to my corp network,etc. Since I upgraded, I can’t get traffic to flow. I can connect to the VPN, but no access to my corp network or proxy server for http traffic.

What am I missing on my SuseFirewall settings? I’ve tried modprobe ip_nat_pptp and adding gre, 1723 but still nothing. I can attach to my ISP directly and everything works fine. I can also use my wireless with the back end connected to the internet. When I go through the Linux box, stuff stops working.

Any ideas anyone?


Do the firewall logs show any useful info ?

less /var/log/firewall

You can turn up the logging for the firewall using yast

I am having the same problem. Everything was working perfectly and with the update stopped working.
I can connect to the vpn but then nothing else works. No name resolution, no ping…

Can anyone help, please?

Having the same problem. Was there a resolution to this?