vpn help

hello people.
I need someone with VPN experience, 'cause I was never working with it.
I don’t need help with setting it up (there is plenty of tutorials on web :wink: ) , but I want to know is there way to set up tunnel to work through 2 different countries and is there any restriction (ISP approval, etc.) Also I know this will sound silly, but second computer that I want to use (VPN cliient) has very limited bandwidth from ISP (5 GB). If I connect it to VPN does it still spend same bandwidth given from ISP or not?
Tnx in advance.

I would say that there are no restrictions in regards to connecting to another computer in another country, in most of the cases, with few exceptions that I know of and Croatia is not one of them. In regards to your second question I would say yes your bandwith is still consumed as long as the computer is connected to the internet.
By the way I remember visiting your place, Ploce, almost 20 years ago. I might see it again this summer when i plan to visit The Adriatic side of Croatia as the places are very nice. Good luck!

tnx buddy… that’s all I needed to know… I’m preparing tunnel at the moment :slight_smile:
I’m glad that someone has remembered something from here… If you come again feel very welcome :slight_smile:
Many greetings and 73