VPN Connection problem


I am trying to connect to a remote network via a VPN using OpenVPN. I don’t know if anyone uses that here. Anyway, I have installed OpenVPN and setup the config file for it, with the certificates and all the rest:


# In case of problem using UDP connection
# Uncomment the following line and comment the line "proto udp"
;proto tcp                                                     
dev tun                                                        
proto udp                                                      

remote 123.456.789.1 1194
remote 123.456.789.1 1194
remote 123.456.789.1 1194
;remote 123.456.789.1 1194
remote 123.456.789.1 1194 

explicit-exit-notify 5
resolv-retry infinite
#connect-retry-max 20
;ping 5
;ping-exit 30
ca vpn.crt
verb 3
tun-mtu 1500
tun-mtu-extra 32
mssfix 1400
key key.key
cert cert.crt

When I try and connect I am getting this error at the console:

Thu Oct 15 19:29:04 2009 Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in [PUSH-OPTIONS]:2: topology (2.0.9)

Later then when it tries to add a route it fails with:

Thu Oct 15 19:29:04 2009 /bin/ip route add 123.456.78.0/24 via 123.456.78.9
RTNETLINK answers: No such process

Has anyone used OpenVPN and seen this error? Saw some Ubuntu posts about it but couldn’t make sense of them.


Fixed this… here’s how:

OpenSuse has openvpn bundled into the repository, it’s a bit old though so get the latest tarball from here:


Unzip and extract the tar archive
cd into the extracted directory

Then do:

make install

You might get an error about and lzo library. Get the latest from here:

Index of /opensource/lzo/download

Extract and install as above, then run your openvpn install again.

I normally shy away from compiling from source as it’s a little bit over the top. I don’t want to write the code for these programs, just use them :slight_smile:

However, with problems like the one above it’s worth it… You could be rooting around for ages.