VPN connection can't see other servers in the network

I installed a simple VPN pptp.
Works fine to connect to the linux server.
However I would like to connect my other linux-server and (more important) my old Novell 6.0 server.
Anyone have an idear what I need to change?

Regards, Robbert.

I don’t see the picture. What do You want to connect with what ?

From the description I guess You have a point to point connection configured but what is the connection set up between ?

How are the other linux servers located in regard to the end points of the point to point connection ?

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Thanks Greg,

The situation is this: I have a network with 3 servers: Novell 6.0 + a openSuse Linux 11.1 + a ubuntuserver.
From outsite, with my laptop on a WIFI-connection, I can connect the VPN server on my OpenSuse server but can’t go the other servers. I.e. if I want to login on Novell the client (installed on my laptop) can’t find this server. Could it be a problem on the client side then?

Regards Robbert.

Are the network servers in the same LAN ?

IMHO pptp is the worst way to create VPN (not secure, not open, implemented on a selection of OSes). If You connect with pptp to openSUSE and all the servers are in the same LAN You can use it as a jump host to ssh from there to your other servers. In order for the client on your laptop to connect the the Novell server I believe You would have to modify the routing table on your laptop to force the traffic to use the pptp tunnel instead of your default gateway.

The easiest way for me to do what I believe You want to do is install openVPN access server on Ubuntu and configure it using the supplied web GUI which is very easy once You get a bit familiar with openVPN.

Packages of the access server for Ubuntu can be found here :
Access Server Software Packages
Hope this helps.

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