Vostro 1400


I have a Dell Vostro 1400, I am running fedora12 now
but it **** me off (bugs and crashes… I even had to disable this %%%%%%% SElinux).

I downloaded the LIVE opensuse Gnome and so far it works (on a USB) except the microphones are not ‘detected’, later I read that I have to play with the alsamix to enable them as digital input…

I m unable to install the live version, as I have no more space on my hd (I have to delete the Fedora…) so I would like to see if there are any other Vostro 1400 user here running the 11.2 without any problems (I mean if the machine is fully supported on the 11.2)

thank you in advance

Some info here
HCL/Laptops/Dell - openSUSE

thank you! I had no idea about this information!

anyway, can I install rpm’s from Fedora to

For example, I am using an Atari ST emulator
called Hatari, on Fedora repos its the version 1.3.1
as I see the opensuse repos have a very old version
(1.0… something…)


Use the suse ones

Add this repo:

or there is a Oneclick there too

It seems that the info on the HCL is wrong on the Vostro 1400…

It says that supports suspend to RAM/disk (using the 64bit OpenSuse).
As I see none of these is working!

Suspend to RAM does nothing
Suspend to disk, suspends, but when the machine wakes, it just stops …


For diagnostic purposes, it may be helpful for you to read this guide

Pm-utils - openSUSE

What happens when you try (as root)


Any errors?

I have seen cases where users didn’t have the necessary kernel boot option in menu.lst concerning the swap file location. Graphics drivers and wireless drivers are also common causes for suspend/hibernate issues. The suspend log file (/var/log/pm-suspend.log) may also contain clues about what is wrong.

This blog may offer some applicable advice as well (depending on which video driver you’re using):


I have worked with several Vostro models, the 1400,1500 and even the 1501 with great results. i performed fresh installs,using the xine and gstreamer set-ups, kaffiene is used as the media player and k3b as the burning software i did have to play around with the mixer a little but everything did work. these are great systems and when i set them up i used the default set-ups and the entire harddrive.

a small update…

I just installed the 11.3 (the DVD version) and everything are fine now!

So far I did the installation using the CDROM versions of OpenSUSE, maybe some drivers etc
are missing from the CDROM.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions and your help.


Good news… :-))