Vonage Voip & Linux

i wonder if someone uses the service and can tell me if i might get problems using Linux.
I call right now, every two weeks to germany and i do that with my cellphone for what i pay $3.99 in fee and $0.10 per minute.
Now if i see a service like vonage it will cost me $25 and includes international calling.
So i might not necessary save money, but i can talk all day pretty much.

So anyone using it?

It has nothing to do with a computer at all.


Get yourself a VOIP phone and subscribe to one of the cheap VOIP providers (I use voipcheap.com) All my phone calls (worldwide) run me about $20/year

Not bad. Not sure about the quality of voice.
I will check it out. Bad thing is, i can ditch my phone since i have also dsl and unable to aquire cable. But that might really save on the long run.

I use a VoIP service, packet8. It has nothing to do with your computer.
With Vonage you should have a router that handles your phone. The same applies to most VoIP services.
The only one that I know of which depends on your computer or OS is Magic Jack.

Well thats good news.
I haven’t decieded so far but if i can save money that way and could have unlimited calls, it would be great.
Vonage writes unlimited international calling, but there is a limitation to the unlimited offer. Only 300 minutes per cycle for one ip. Now thats unlimited.

Btw. how is the voice quality?

I have Vonage, and I don’t have any Windows or Mac. I am straight Linux. Vonage does not need the software in order to set it up. You do need a router and a high speed connection.

The voice quality depends on your internet connection. If you always have lagging then your voice connection will not sound very good. But if you have a good connection then there is very little difference between a regular land line and VoIP.

Occasionally my calls will go through but I can not hear anything. When this happens I have to reset my modem.

Ahah! Interesting! If no software is needed for setup, how is setup accomplished?
I have my modem/router plugged into a switch. Everything plugs into this switch, laptop, printer, desktop. Do you mean I can plug a phone into this switch and have voip? There must be some adapter of sort to convert voice to digital and tcp/ip. Do I need a static ip address?

How’s all this work?


No, you need a converter box, at least that was on the page. cost about $70. But thats i think for hooking up a regular phone. Have to read it again. :frowning: Getting old.

Vonage is still expensive if you ask me.
No way I would switch to that with the value I get.