Volunteers to test Samba diagnostic tools please help

Hello folks.

I’ve written a script to automagically diagnose the range of configurations that make samba talk nicely in a SOHO Workgroup environment.
It makes no adjustments and changes nothing.
it simply suggests what to do to fix each instance of misconfiguration that it finds.
The suggestions are contained in a report that is a text file placed on the Desktop by the script.

It’s a learning tool as well as a practical fixit tool because after it is used a few times, the user should get a growing understanding of what influences the smooth working of Samba for SOHO workgroups.

There will be many bugs and inconsistencies because the programming had to cover from Suse 10.0 through openSUSE 11.0 and has to look at a large number of configurations.

I need volunteers to help me find these inconsistencies.

If you’re willing, please read the project page:
Script To Quickly Diagnose Samba Workgroup Configuration Problems in Suse openSUSE 10, 11

You can download the script from here: http://www.swerdna.net.au/sscw/sscw.tar.gz
Uncompress the tar.gz file and you will get a directory “sscw_1.x” containing a copy of the script bundled into executable form as file “sscw”. You can extract/unzip with the various GUI extractors available from Konqueror, Nautilus or just run the CLI version “tar -xf sscw.tar.gz”.

Run the script by opening a console in the directory “sscw_1.x” and entering this command:

su root -c ./sscw

Give root password (but it only reads system data, not writes any). It will write you a report and place the report in the directory.

Please email a copy of the report it writes to this address and pose any questions or comments:

And be free to suggest anything at all in the email or simply just here in this thread. At least my language and expression will be bad and will need fixing to make it understandable to new Samba users.

I’d be so grateful to anyone who wants to run this script and help me.


Awhile back I decided to fiddle with Samba after visiting your excellent website. Problem was, it was too late at night and I was just poking around, not following your instructions. I didn’t really have a compelling need to revisit the issue the next day, so things just sort of sat incomplete. Saw your post and decided to “volunteer”. Your script worked like a charm! I followed the guidance in the report the script generated verbatim, re-ran the script to check my work, and rebooted after a kernel update. SHAZAM! Samba is working! This script worked for me. Thank you Swerdna!


Hey thanks for trying it out. Glad it worked. I got the email with the before and after reports. Very gratifying.
Thanks again