Volume of Video card always at 100%

When I click kmix, I see two sound devices.

One is my graphics card, the other one is the onboard sound chip.

Everytime after a reboot the volume of the vidcard ( I do not use the sound ) the volume is at 100%.

I disable it every time but after a reboot its back at 100%.

How do I change this permanently ?

I do no want it to be at 100%.

I am worried it might be bad for the hardware ?

If you don’t use it, I doubt it matters, but you can just set the sound profile to off for any sound device you do not use. Take a look at my blog on the subject and my links for music videos there as well: PulseAudio and Selecting the Proper Sound Card Configuration - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Thank You,

Thank you that did the trick.

Great blog. :slight_smile:

Very happy to help. Did you check out any of the music videos? Do you have a good one from YouTube you would add?

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