VOIP SIP application suggestions

I run OpenSuse 10.3 and am a US expat living in Veracruz Mexico. Also I have an account with VoicePulse connect which I rely on heavily… I have been using X Lite for Linux with mixed results… the voice quality many times is choppy both from the called party, and what they hear of my audio. I run 10.3 dual boot with XP and am in process of trying to migrate everything to 10.3. If I reboot into XP and run XLite under XP, the audio quality is perfect on both ends.

The XLite version for Linux has a host of settings that I have played with and researched for almost a year. The latest XLite for XP is pretty much set and forget… From what I can tell Counterpath has not released any sort of upgraded version of XLite for Linux in some time.

Can anyone recommend a softphone for use with a SIP service like Voicepulse that is comparatively trouble free, dependable and easily configurable?

XLite was a little bit of a pain to get running on my machines under Linux. I dont mind some tweaking but my phone client needs to work reliably and with decent audio quality because I use this for business…

TIA for the info and interest…and for the excellent support forum…


have you tried Ekiga?
I think you can also install through Yast. I have it installed here on my laptop and it works fine, user friendly, the audio is good (even if sometimes not so good as in Skype)

The carbonbased lifeform expatver inspired opensuse.org.help.applications with:
> Can anyone recommend a softphone for use with a SIP service like
> Voicepulse that is comparatively trouble free, dependable and easily
> configurable?

No, I tried several too, but none were up to the task.
Do your self a big favor, and invest in a hardware VoIP phone or ATA.
I use a cheap Targa DIP 450 (a Siemens C450 IP clone), which gives me an
‘as good as it gets’ connection to all land- or cellphone lines.
If possible try to buy a device with IP connection, so you can call away
from the PC and also use the device’s builtin QoS capabilities.


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Hi Gonzo
I loaded Ekiga… then looked at their forum and there seemed to be a lot of issues with the software. I still have not configured it to try to use with Voicepulse… I may end up doing that (makes me sound sorta lazy doesnt it!!) but I might give it a try. I subscribed to the Ekiga forum and finally unsubscribed because of the sheer amount of traffic there…

I ve run SUSe for years and Drake before that and UNIX before that-- I dont mind working to make the apps run but VOIP is the one thing-- that and e mail… that need to operate without a glitch… I am a futures trader and while Im stuck with XP on the charting machine because of no apps either written for Linux or none of the current Windows ones will run under either WINE or Crossover…I ve been really trying to get away from Windows. This machine does the browsing, e mail, chat, and most of the other stuff…and I’ve found myself spending more and more time administering it under XP with scans for various types of malware, rootkits, adware yadayadayada and its just not nearly the order of magnitude under Linux… so again for about the third time Im trying to make the transition… plus the machine runs faster under 10.3 and I like that.

Ill give Ekiga a look and thanks very much for your time and interest.

Regards from Mexico

I had lots of issues with a previous version of ekiga, this seems to be working fine.
In your shoes i would give it a shot, in the worst case you uninstall it :slight_smile:


That may be the route I take rather than dithering with a lot more software… I will look around here to see if a Targa or for that matter a Siemens is available… here to fore theres been a bit of a back channel battle between Telmex the national telephone company(you dont even want to ask about the services they provide or the costs, its as bad as you can imagine) and various ISP s over VOIP…Telmex of course sees it as money out of their pockets…plus until recently they have controlled the backbone here…lately…within the last month my ISP, Megacable has started advertising VOIP called Megafon but as you can guess calls outside of Mexico proper arent nearly the rate I get with Voicepulse… that having been said for the last several years the ISP s have been dinking around with ports and various other things on their servers which I assume (and have been told) was to try to discourage VOIP but that seems to be changing now.

Additionally importing anything here costs around 30% minimum depending on country of origin…my trading machine, admittedly upper end… the parts for the machine and the 4 monitors cost me $1000 in duty when I imported it late last year…

Let me look in to the Targa and the Siemens and I probably will post more questions as I learn more…

This carbon based lifeform, while able to get by with SUSe, is vastly ignorant on the workings of VOIP… ahhh so much to know and so little time… a problem you silicon based lifeforms dont have :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the suggestions on a HW solution


Thanks… I thnk I may do that before following Theos suggestion on a HW solution… will post results

Thnx again for the interest and suggestions.