Voice and Video calls from the Linux to the Lync2013 server ??

Any body know - how use Voice and Video connections from the Linux to the Lync2013 Server ( lync2013 users) ??

At this time i`m use Pidgin and have - only chat with Lync2013 users…


That should help wih the configuration of Pidgin for Lync. You don’t need the installation-part.
It can be, that you need a new version of Pidgin for video communication.
The important plugin is pidgin-sip then.

“Pidgin for video communication” ?
Where from i can download it ?
At this time in my opensuse12.3:

kap:/home/ksr # rpm -qa | grep -i pidgin

It was tested on Fedora ( Lync clients: something more for Linux users – voice | IT based Communications ) and you have installed right packages.
If it can run on Fedora, it should be able to run on openSUSE, too.

Can you give me the error message and the short output in /var/log/messages, please?
We can create a bug with that.

All without any error.

Problem - Pidgin without button “Voice Call”


You have to wait for a compatible version with “Voice Call” for Pidgin then.

Probably you know - what pidgin and pidgin-sip version will have opportunity to do “voice call” to lync-to clients?