vodafone huawei e220

i have installed the new opensuse 11.0 but i have problems with my vodafone card (Huawei e220).
Anyone knows how can i put that 3g card work correctly? What software (drivers or something like that) i need to install???


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I use OPTION QUALCOMM 3G CDMA. It connects to expres slot. It has been for a month since i got it and today my frustration in finaly ower.

Try running knetworkmanager, and see if u have under “New connections” a “ttyUSB0”. If you do try this tutorial: PHARscape - Vodafone 3G (UMTS) Howto

I did not have to install any drivers or anithing. It just worked. You will probably need to configure some card parameters, so use the tutorial above.

I connect with UMTSmon you can find here: TuxMobil: Linux Compatibility Guides for 3G (WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA) Laptops, Notebooks & Adapters****

I have one question for whoever did configure this card:
My card only connects if it “thinks” that it is a local network connection??! Let me explain. If I try to connect just with my modem…no go. If I try to connect after i have already established connection to my LAN, it works. The icon that i’m connected to my LAN is still there, but i can unplug my router and it still works, therefore communication is trough modem.

I use for serial modem connection KInternet in SLED10.

Also russian text regarding how to tune CDMA/GPRS modem in Linux: Установка и настройка интернета в Linux с помощью мобильных телефонов (CDMA) по GPRS через Bluetooth, через 3G USB модем (также EvDo) на практике](http://www.vsfpro.com/linux/article/linux-gprs-bluetooth-3g-modem.html)

The E220 should work OOTB. I could not get it to work with knetworkmanager4, though, but it works with wvdial, iirc.

Would this be of any use to you? Vodafone have their own division, that develops applications for linux users;

Betavine - Devices

for those using the ASUS Eee, they offer tailored software; it works our Eee 701, using an e220 modem.

and this page

Betavine - Operating Systems

offers drivers for Suse, Ubuntu etc, in either 32bit or 64bit form

is any of this any use? The software is called VMC: vodafone mobile connect, it is a package, and contains wvdial etc

here is the page that details how to install on the ASUS Eee; I think Vodafone need a lot of commending for such an excellent guide


My E220 (Voadfone NZ ISP) works with NetworkManager, no config needed. My authentication details are stored/handled via SIM card, but I know some users (with other ISP providers ) have to configure like a modem (with YaST, modem device is /dev/ttyUSB0) and use kinternet. I can use either method.