vncserver kdesu and sudo problem in opensuse 12.3

During a vnc session, I encounter a problem invoking kdesu kwrite from the terminal. the problem occurs after submitting my password in the authentication gui the kwrite application opens with a grey blank window, the only controls available are the minimize, expand and close window buttons.

I have the same problem when clicking onto the yast control center icon, after submitting password the application also opens with a grey blank window.

The problem does not occur when I am locally logged onto my account.

I am using a persistent vncserver setup that is initiated via a crontab job on reboot.

I suspect the issue lies with a permission set but not sure where to check, I have searched related threads but no suitable resolution

any ideas anyone?

Kwrite is a GUI based text editor. You can run from a remote desktop, but not from a terminal session. If you loaded the console tools, you can use Midnight Commander (mc) and its built-in text editor. Or, you use vi or emacs, depending on your setup. Here are a couple of links that might help:

How To Use VNC/Remmina to Remote Control an openSUSE 12.3 KDE Desktop - Blogs - openSUSE Forums


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