VNC virtual keyboard + real keyboard

Hello all,

I’m just about done setting up my Suse server and I have tightvnc installed as my access. One of the problems I noticed was that if I vnc into display 0, I couldn’t do anything with the keyboard, but at the physical location, with the keyboard plugged in via kvm, I could type.

I did some searching and I found that it had to do with the virtual keyboard vs the physical keyboard and I set it up so that display 0 uses the physical keyboard and display 1 uses the virtual keyboard.

Problem is, I don’t really want to have 2 desktops running…I want to have the one display set up to work, so if I’m doing something remote and then go over to the physical location of the server, I can pick up where I left off.

What do I have to set so that I can use both keyboards on display 0? I tried to look at the mouse settings and duplicate how it works, but got lost real quick.