VNC via web browser resolution adujustment


If this is the wrong area to post this question please advise me.
I’m running OpenSuse 13.1 with KDE4 desktop. I have VNC server installed and working on the opensuse 13.1 server. I can connect to it from another computer via a web browser (firefox). I can log in and get my desktop, however I cannot see the bottom and right side of the desktop and there aren’t any scroll bars to view the missing part of the screen. I’m unable to access the applications launcher to run VBoxManager or other tools. I’d run VBoxManager from the ‘run command field’ but it doesn’t appear in the list.

How can I adjust the resolution / screen size to view the entire screen via the web browser.

Thank you

(First, this belongs in the Applications forum because this is strictly a VNC issue with nothing to do with virtualization)

Over the years, I’ve seen this in VNC from time to time.
You can play around with the display resolution with uncertain results, but my SOP practical solution is to simply move the taskbar and any other important things to a different edge (typically top of screen like a MacOS desktop)