VNC socket Error

I have activated vnc on my opensuse 11 box to get access from another machine to it. But under Vista using the tightvnc viewer I receive a socket error and the viewer chrashes. Using opensuse 11 and the viewer it works. Connecting to a opensuse 10.3 machine under Vista works too. Does anybody else get that error with the vnc server under opensuse11?



yes, I have the same Problem with 2 different machines. :frowning:

I use Win XP to access the linux machines. When I try to connect I see the login screen for about a second, then the vncviewer crashes with a socket error.

The web access with firefox on port 5801 works fine.


Me too.
I also list my message as below:
Xvnc[15618]: segfault at b ip b7b0e450 sp bfc3d244 error 4 in[b7aa1000+13d000]

It seems there is a problem in glibc.

Did not anyone find out this problem in opensuse 11?