VNC Remote Administration - Black screen

Hi! I have installed OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, and try to set up remote administration.

Then, i connect from other PC threw SSH with port forwarding(Also try with open ports and without SSH, the same problem)

ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901

And try to connect with TigerVNC and has windows with black screen. Remmina shows error that **TLS not supported
Here is my log

Also, like in this post i commented line in /etc/hosts and already had line in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager


You did not open firewall port???

You might also make sure the remote machine is not using the SDDM Display Manager. Last I knew, SDDM does not work well with VNC.

If that has changed, I am sure someone here will correct me.:wink:

Yes, i use port forwarding threw SSH, as i wrote earlier

Thats bad, i used sddm on both systems.:frowning:

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Am i right that i can’t use KDE with vnc?
If it’s true, can i install another DE for vnc? I mean can i use KDE for local session and another DE for remote?

You can’t use SDDM you can use other dms try kdm. (note you have to install that )

See post 5 in

This worked for me, although I switched to realvnc, which is free for personal use, works well with iOS and windows and offers two factor authentication.

Yes, you CAN run KDE with vnc. You just need to change the display manager. I use LightDM, works great.

Your choices include LightDM, XDM, or KDM. KDM is no longer maintained, but still good and still available in the Repos. You will need to go into the Yast Software Manager and install it.

You should then be able to change to the Display Manager of your choice using:

su -
update-alternatives --config default-xsession.desktop

Both of the options I referenced above work with SSDM.

Yes. But why cling stubbornly to SDDM when the others, IMHO, are better in this case, and LightDM is actually less heavy, as its name implies?:wink:

Because whoever set up the TW packaging thought it was best :dont-know:

Anyway, I know these two options work with the standard TW install with Intel graphics, and I try not to stray to far from the standard install. It may be that switching display managers is the best option, but it’s not the only option.

Indeed, you are right. Giving the OP additional choices is a good thing. After all, I still want to see users having more chances to use Linux the way they want to use it instead of being told they “have no choices, use it this way or don’t use it.”:wink:

SDDM without Plymouth is fairly lightweight and reliable. It has also improved recently – it now supports interactions with normal-legacy Unix/Linux stuff like “w”, “last” etc. I used to stick with KDM, but it no longer has any advantages for me (with regard to remote support) compared to the stock SDDM.