vnc or kde broken since update

I have a headless server which I access via vnc, using kde as window manager. Just updated and now something is broken. If I start the vnc client soon after the server, I see what looks like the desktop successfully starting up (the green lightbulb and a progress bar), but then that fades out and I just have a screen that is black, other than a working mouse pointer. I know little about either vnc or kde, so I don’t really know where to start to trace the problem. Would really appreciate any advice.


Probably the same as this:

Thanks wolfi323. Looks like a fix in is the pipeline

Actually the “fix” is in the repo meanwhile. (it is not really a “fix”, the problem was that one part of the update was missing, which has been released now too)
So just update your system and it should work again now. (unless you have a different problem of course…)

Yes. All working again now. :slight_smile:

Well, it put a bad or unwelcome situation right, so in that sense a fix.