VNC on Suse 11.3

Can you confirm that it’s normal that a complete kde desktop is started in the background when starting the vncserver?
yes it is

Is it normal to hear the kde login chime when the server starts or for apps like kopete to start and auto log in
yes it is normal because the DE that starts is a clone of the DE that exists for normal logins.

I find that at the moment (11.2, 11.3) XRDP is well ahead of VNC. Have a read here: Windows Linux RDP Remote Desktop Connections using openSUSE as Client or Server (terminal server) One thing I like is the ability to set server parameters (screen size, resolution) from a Linux client.

OK, thanks for clarifying.

I’ll try the XRDP too and see how it goes.

hello I am having same issue, the above command verified vnc is running, I stopped at the cat command, I do not know the vnc username? how do I find that out and if need be can I change the password, also how do I know if gnome or kde is installed?
thank you for your help.

I got your PM. Hi. The username is the same as the name for the Linux login account. There isn’t a special vnc username. To reset the password, run this command: vncpasswd

To find out if Gnome or KDE. Open a file browser, click help at the top and look at the “about” stuff. What do you see?

open a file browser? or you talking in internet explorer? in a ssh session, I dont follow?

I’m running on low fuel here. How can you be running internet explorer? What’s the situation? Are you local or are you connecting remotely?