VNC/NX expert wanted... is this how things work?

I have an opensuse 10.3 (Gnome) box that is headless. I have it sitting on my LAN as a RAID and configured to have an open share of the RAID drive. I am able to ssh, VNC and NX from my XP workstation and log on as root or user to administer the headless box. I also am trying to use the headless box to D/L updates and ‘burn’ data to the DVD burner. This means logging on remotely - opening Firefox starting a download - wanting to suspend a session - logging back on - open K3B - run the data to the burner etc…

However I have observed the following…

Using FreeNX (0.7)and the NoMachine windows client (latest)…

  1. With NX I am able to ‘suspend’ a session.
  2. Poor video quality, small fonts and parts of the desktop missing or text colours changed. The missing or colours will change back if I drag a window over the affected area
  3. DVD will not automount if logged on as user. I am required to log on with ssh (while the NX window is open) mount the drive and then my NX ‘user’ session can use the drive.


  1. With RealVNC free I am not able to ‘suspend’ a session. Is this the intended feature or is there a configuration somewhere?
  2. If I log on as root the DVD will automount and is seen by K3B.
  3. If I log on as ‘user’ DVD will not automount and unless I log on in a separate session as "root’ then and only then is the ‘user’ able to see the DVD

AND IN ALL CASES… if I connect a mouse/keyboard and monitor so I am controlling the ‘BOX’ locally the ‘user’ has the DVD automount and is usable.
The only difference is going through VNC or NX.

I’m not sure where to start… or is this the intended function?

Thank you for listening…

You could enable xdmcp on the suse box and install xming on the XP system and open a remote X session. Or you could use putty on your XP box and enable X11 forwarding and run apps with xming. That would allow you to run things and mount stuff on the suse box.

That’s how i do it with my XP systems and Macs ( on the mac) connecting to a couple suse servers. I dont use VNC/NX/whatnot.

I use NX client/node/server from nomachine only…

  1. Don’t use it sorry :slight_smile:
  2. That to me would be the host your running the client on or maybe
    network problems. I have no video/desktop issues here accessing
    solaris/sled10 andthis machine via nxclient.
  3. You need to enable the ivman service for the automounting to work,
    you may need to install it but on 11 it’s there by default;

chkconfig ivman on
/etc/init.d/ivman start

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icorson, thank you - will look into this method.

Malcolm, I assume you mean that you do not use FreeNX? only Nomachine? If this is the case did you uninstall NX and Freenx (part of the opensue install)? before installing the nomachine rpm’s

With ‘ivman’ - so what I am seeing is correct - ‘user’ will not automount if ivman is not installed? (but root will?)

Grateful for the help…

I’ve always used the nomachine rpm’s, so if you wanted to change, you
would just remove the installed ones, then install the three nx ones on
the host via the rpm -Uhv command in client, node, server order. Then
install the client on the guest machine.

It’s that basically if you not logged into a GUI on the host machine
dbus/hal won’t work. The remote client just logs on and runs the GUI on
the client, so the host doesn’t twig to that fact.
Ivman just gives hal a kick when you insert a dvd or usb device
irrespective of the runlevel on the host machine (see the man page
description). Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Now I must ask, what updates you are getting and maybe you could look
at running a cron job with rsync, wget or maybe curl? You could also
automate the burning as well?

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This makes sense, and outlines exactly what I believe is happening. I will look at the man page for Ivman.

Thank you


I’m not sure if I’m on the correct track. I installed Ivman as per

SDB:Automount CD/DVD with ivman - openSUSE

with my .xinitrc file looking like this

Add your own lines here…


then reboot etc…
I then VNC to “user” put in a cd, icon shows up, right click and ask to mount and I get the error …

A security policy in place prevents this
sender from sending this message to this
recipient, see message bus configuration
file (rejected message had interface
"org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" member
"Mount" error name "(usnet)" destination

But as before I can mount the drive as “root” via VNC but not as ‘user’ via VNC. So I don’t think that Ivman is it.
Basically it seems the question becomes what is the difference between VNC as ‘root’ and VNC as ‘user’

Back to the drawing board…

I never ran ivman-launch just started the ivman service and connected
via NX, no requirement to mount the dvd or usb zip drive it was all
done and I could browse them no trouble?

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So you just installed ivman or did you go to Yast Services and start it from there? and as you can see from the link they have you doing copy files and editing - I take it you didn’t do that…

Malcolm thanks for your time, now I need to get my son off my XP box but he seems to think WoW is more important than me playing :wink:

I just enabled the service via chkconfig then started it. No
configuration what so ever…

My wife kicks me of the SLED 10 machine when she gets home from work,
our son is only 18 months old, besides he can use the xbox when he
figures it out :slight_smile:

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Well it works :slight_smile: - TightVNC on XP to opensuse 10.3. I installed Ivman and went to services and started it - put in a CD and the DVD icon shows up and then automounts (icon changes) and it mounts to the media directory as it does when you are running ‘local’
though >right click ‘eject’ doesn’t work get “Cannot unmount volume” and the same Hal error as I noted before - so Hal still must have issues with remote connections, but I just push the button on the drive and it ejects.


Thanks for you help

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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