VNC - Multiple Connections with same User-Id not working under SuSE12.1


I have activated VNC on our Linux-Server with the following /etc/xinetd.d/vnc Config-File

service vnc1
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = no
user = nobody
server = /usr/bin/Xvnc
server_args = -noreset -inetd -once -query localhost -geometry 1600x970 -depth 16 -securitytypes none
port = 5901

When I am now starting two VNC-Sessions (“vncviewer <host>:1”) and login with different user-id (e.g. “root” and “oracle”) from a Windows 7 Client machine both VNC-Sessions working right. But, when I am trying to connect two times with the same user-id (e.g. “root”) the second VNC-Session crashes and the VNC-Viewer closes without any comment. Under SuSE 11 it works right, two VNC-session with the same user-id is no problem.

Has anybody an idea how to fix the problems ?

Thx in advance.

I hope you are aware that openSUSE 12.1 is out of support since 4 years already…
Or are you talking about SUSE Linux 12? Then you are at the wrong place here.

But the problem may be that you are trying to login to the same desktop as the same user at the same time.
This does not work with KDE/Plasma at least, it just quits on startup if it is already running for the same user.

Choose a different desktop.


cat /etc/SuSE-release gives the following:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)

This file is deprecated and will be removed in a future service pack or release.

Please check /etc/os-release for details about this release.

Under SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 with didn’t had the problem. Is there any chance to fix the problem under 12.1 ?

How can I choose a differnt desktop ?

Then you are clearly using SLES and NOT openSUSE.

Your forums are here: (same username/password as here).

thx for your advice.