VNC Connect to Leap - Unable to connect to VNC Server

I have Leap running as a VM on my XCP-ng server, I can connect via ssh, but having trouble connecting via VNC using Remmina from my Leap PC Build as my Workstation. I used Yast to setup the VNC server, also can not connect via http:5801, I have ports 5900-5903 open as well. What can I check or test network communication to make sure everything is set / communicating correctly?

Also I have pfSense as my firewall, but I don’t see any logs listing these ports as being blocked.

I can connect via Telnet to 5901, but connection refused on 5900, 5902-3…

You can start with checking whether any program is listening on this port.

ss -4lntp

So why do not you connect to VNC server on port 5901?