vnc check how an app looks like

Dear all,
I am running my thunderbird through vnc.
When vnc starts I can only see an xterm.
So I first do kwin & (so to see window bars in thunderbird)
and then thunderbird

this will launch thunderbird

but everything will look really small like
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My works computer has 12801024 res
while my home’s laptop has 1600

What should I do how thunderbird looks like?


On 07/14/2011 08:06 PM, alaios wrote:
> I am running my thunderbird through vnc.

do you mind telling where you are when this problem occurs? that is, are

  1. on your laptop running windows at home and use vnc version 3.0.1 to
    access your work computer running Apple OSX-10 and open thunderbird
    version 3.11 and . . .


  1. at work on your openSUSE 10.3 and use vnc to access your home laptop
    running Vista, and launch thunderbird 5.7 and . . .


  1. well…how many different ways can it be? 10,000s?

and, one last question: if you are on one maching capable of vnc to
another machine–why not just use thunderbird on the FIRST machine, and
forget about vnc?

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I am connecting from my home’s laptop to my works desktop.
at my home I have windows 7 and opensuse 11.4 (this is the client, that’s why I didnt give more details)
vnc server now is running on opensuse 11.4
I want to connect to clean up a bit my works email. (set up new filters, move emails to other folders)