VMWare workstation problem

I have installed the VMWare Workstation 6.0.4 build-93057 on openSuse 11.0 + Gnome. I run there Windows XP. The problem occurs when I switch from XP to openSuse, open terminal and try to write something in it. Terminal always crash at this moment.

I am running vmware 6.0.4 under Opensuse 11 and using winxp and don’t have this problem. Did you do the vmblock patch when installing vmware 6.0.4 and before running vmware-config.pl?

I use clean VMWare.

I have not this problem when using WMWare Player with the same machine

I have this too occasionally.
As a workaround I’ve set the VMWare workstation preferences to keep the guest machines running in the background (even if closing the VMWare console). Then I can log out and back in to X to get decent control back in my openSUSE session.

The crash you mention, to me happens (after working some time without any issue it just happens) as soon as I switch back to openSUSE (releasing focus from the XP guest) & I try to input text somewhere… I can browse through every app without an issue, switch back to the xp guest and enter text there… but trying to enter text in the openSUSE part makes the application crash where I’m trying to enter the text. This can be firefox, a terminal console, evolution…

My DE is GNOME. Your’s is too?

Also, before the crashes occur, the first symptom seems to be loss of the < CTRL > < SHIFT > and < ALT > key function … for example opening a new tab in firefox won’t work… if I close all apps, logout and back in again (X gets reloaded) all is fine again until the next hiccup and till then I can work on normally.

sometimes this happens twice a day… sometimes I can work a week without having this & it’s only when using openSUSE 11.0 and VMWare 6.0.x.

These symptoms sound familiar?


What and where is the vmblock patch? Sounds like just what I need.

Hi pbwest,

The patch is part of the vmware-any-any patch set that can be downloaded at many places (Google for it to get some more info)

In this case you don’t need this patch, if you are using the latest VMWare product versions (like workstation 6.0.4).
What the patch basically does is let you correctly build the VMWare modules on the newer kernels.

If you are running into build issues (running the vmware-config.pl script) double check you have installed the needed packages to build (kernel-source , gcc ,gcc++ & make) and also that you are using the latest vmware product version (at least vmws 6.04 vms 1.0.6 or 2.0)

Hope that helps,