vmware workstation 9.0.1 kernel header

I have a problem in vmware workstation 9.0.1: Kernel headers for version 3.7 were not found.I tried different methods but did not succeed. please help.
my version kernel opensuse 12.3 is 3.7.10-1.16-desktop.


Here are the exact instructions for a KDE user, if you can follow them:

Open YaST / Enter root password / Software / Software Management - Select the View Button on the top left and pick Patterns. Now, you will see several Patterns listed and you want to select (Check):


[X] Base Development
[X] Linux Kernel Development
[X] C/C++ Development

Then Press the Accept button on the bottom right and allow these applications to install.

Thank You,

I install the patterns (Base Development,Linux Kernel Development,C/C++ Development

) but yet exist same problem and no open vmware workstation.I upload the photo of** Software** / **Software Management** > pattern. please help.


Bottom line you need to follow up on the vmware forums since it’s a proprietary product. I imagine if you check their forums there should be a patch. Or see if you can upgrade your vmware workstation.

As a test, can you download and install the VMware Player ok? If so then remove and ask in the vmware forums.