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Well, my post is a little more specific than the title. I have windows media center that came with my HP dv2000t duo core laptop and want to install that as a virtual machine in Suse 11. It says that the version of windows is not compatible with the machine though. Is there a way to get this version of windows (compatible only with my laptop) working in Suse 11, or am I just out of luck?
Thanks in advance for any help.


What particular VMWare do you use?
If it is VMWare Server them it does not support that guest Os … yet …


Any product on the market has a time for exchange.
It is a matter of asking your license provider to exchange your OS license for one with similar price.
If they refuse … call your lawyer … :slight_smile: being the provider who we know you might get rich with that sort of class action :slight_smile:


I was using the server version…is there an alternative to that? In ubuntu I tried virtual box and vmware server and both gave me the same response.

I’d guess that the original HP OS CDs, like Dell OS CDs, only allow
themselves to be run on a machine from that manufacturer. I think they
check the BIOS. So to install under a virtual environment, you need a
plain OEM/retail version of the OS CDs

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Alright, so maybe someone could add to this idea. Could I have a dual boot setup and somehow use that windows partition as a virtual machine in linux? I don’t like dual boot because you have to restart the system to get to the other OS, and often find I need to switch…that’s a hassle I don’t want to deal with.

Second question. Does doing this protect windows as a sort of Linux shell?..I heard that somewhere but am wondering if it’s true. If so, this would be a main reason for my truying to do this.