VMware tools update woes

OK, I’m at the very beginning of learning Linux right now and so even the simplest thing gives me a head-ache. Right now I have problems updating the VMware tools in VMware workstation 6.5. The VMware help file says to run the RPM and then run vmware-config-tools.pl, so it should be simple but even this has caused me to come unstuck. I think I’ve installed the RPM ok (I had to uninstall open vmware tools first) but when I then run vmware-config-tools.pl it throws an error:

The following VMware kernel modules have been found on your system that were
not installed by the VMware Installer. Please remove them then run this
installer again.


Execution aborted.

The message also suggests deleting these files, which I do. When I re-run vmware-config-tools.pl it tells me that the above 4 files are now missing and asks me whether I want to compile them. Opting for ‘yes’ seems like the logical thing to do but then I get asked for the location of the Make app (so I point it to GCC) and the ‘header’ files (I assume the context of C++, and I have no idea where they are). I can’t help thinking that I shouldn’t even be at this stage since the VMware help files makes no mention of compiling apps and it all seems too involved. Anyone any idea what I’ve done wrong??



Hi Rob & Welcome,

You’re not really doing anything wrong.

When running openSUSE 11.0 or 11.1 (or other recent Linux distros) as a guest on VMWare… you then get the open source version of VMware tools installed automatically.

This gives you the choice to either,

  1. don’t install the VMWare native tools… it should run fine as is.
  2. first remove the opensource version packages -> to do this search for ‘vmware’ using YaST > Software Management and remove the related packages. After that the RPM should be able to be installed.

If you want to install the VMWare RPM you will also need to compile some files to get it functioning correctly - see it as services that need to get setup.
Compiling is a way to make the installed RPM files suitable for your system. The vmware-config-tools.pl is a script that does the compiling for you.

Not to dazzle… but:
Before you can compile something there are some software components you need first (like pans to kook in :wink: )
Using YaST > Software Management first install;

After adding those packages (and removing the open version of the vmware tools), you should be albe to run the vmware-config-tools.pl script.

Hope that helps,

Thanks WJ! Installing those extra components seems to have done the trick. Re-compiling those 4 modules went well and now VMware Workstation is detecting that the new version of Tools is installed. Incidentally the open vmware tools work fine except that VMWorkstation 6.5 has some features (like ACE) that necessitate the ‘genuine’ vmware tools.

I’m learning Linux fast though!


Good to hear you’ve sorted it! Happy Linux’n! :slight_smile: