VMware SuSE 10.3 > 11.0 update BUG

32-bit Vista Ultimate SP1, Fully Patched
Running VMware Workstation 5.5.7 build-91707

32-bit OpenSuSE 10.3, Fully Patched

Media for Update: openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso
(Successfully used to create new VMs)

Pointed the existing VM’s virtual CDROM to the ISO, then booted from the ISO. Ran SuSE install selecting the “Update” option.

Network card has disappeared, Yast2 does not list or recognize. Have rebooted, and during bootup, it looks like the OS is finding the virtual network interface as eth2.

Have not thought about this before, but I don’t see a GUI “hardware re-scan” utility.

As noted, this media is good and has been used to create 3 new OpenSuSE 11 VMs.

Not sure what can be tried at this point… short of looking for a command line method but even then I wonder what issues I might run into if the hardware wasn’t automatically read into YAST already.


First, there has always (at least since SuSE 10.0) a minor bug where almost at the slightest excuse SuSE virtual NICs lose configuration connectivity. When that happens, a new virtual NIC is created… The solution then is to delete the original (configured) NIC and then proceed to configure the new NIC.

In this case it appears that this issue was compounded by an unexpected change in YAST.

Whereas before
YAST >Network Devices > Network Cards,

That no longer exists and now there is
YAST > Network Devices > Network Settings

It also looks like SuSE is replacing the AMD NIC which has been used in all VMware Guest VMs for the last decade with a new NIC. No matter, if it works then I probably could care less.