VMware Server and windows server 2008

ok here is a good question, you can install vmware on opensuse but can you run windows server 2008 from vmware installed on opensuse?

not that i care, but the only use of vmware ive used is for network simulation

honestly i’m not sure what vmware is for besides that, exept i’ve heard for programming I think

Sure…but not for enterprise use, fine for learning


just for learning


lol the market is such a rip off

linux is the only fair distributor

VMware server is VMware’s free offering. They have many commercial packages that are enterprise ready but they are also rather pricey. VMware server is fine for small operations.


i swear sometimes i want to shoot myself with this

i really hate active directory

i don’t suppose linux server is much easier? what is it, novell right? Lol god I hate that ****

I’m sure that the subnetting is all the same, but honestly the amount of info I know about that is so little, does it use forests and trusts the same way? does it use vpn the same way? Geez, the only thing guaranteed to be consistent is the way it divides the network and assigns the ip. Of course what do I know it might be exactly the same. does it use group policy objects?

I’m so unknowing about this stuff

ok i guess it is about the same

Comparing Microsoft Active Directory to Novell’s NDS

What does active directory have to do with VMWare??

We started out talking about Virtual Machines. Now you are off on subnets and directory service. :stuck_out_tongue:

vmware virtual server

virtual vista, virtual core server, virtual windows 2008

only way ive heard of virtual machines, but like i said it’s been mentioned they are great for programming

sorry about mentioning the directory service

btw i heard the clpe exam is a pain in the ass

but i didnt even know they had a comptia linux +

that sounds simple

lol if i got that cert i wouldnt be here… or would i?:sarcastic:

You would first have to learn something other then buzz words. Find out what they mean. Perhaps you should be in marketing. >:)

buzz words huh?

so if someone was hired for ‘penetration testing’ and got paid $10,000 for one job, he’s good with flashy phrases

i gotta get better with flashy phrases

oh, you made this a seperate post?

that was nice

thanks for keeping it organized, although originally this was a response to another topic, not detrimental that I get an answer

very thoughtful though