VMWare network configurations


I’ve openSUSE 11.1 installed on a VMWare virtual machine, I want openSUSE (guest OS) to access the internet and the outer network I know their are options for the network:
and others

I don’t know which is suitable, I already tried NAT but I failed to connect to the internet.

Any help!!


I use “bridged” and the Virtual Machines behave as if on the same LAN as the real machines. Thus I configure them to access the internet via the real router on my LAN.

Hi swerdna,
thanks for your reply,
but I need to know any steps that should be made to VMWare ,the Virtual Machine and the Guest OS (openSUSE) to have the bridging work.


VMware’s configuration tool setups the bridged networking for you (and uses their own devices) so no additional configuration is needed.

Ditto Chrysantine

Once you select bridged in the configuration dialogue, you can act as if the VM is a real machine on your LAN.

NAT:make sure service vmware dhcp&vmware nat is running on your host machine.
Bridged:suitable for LAN users–my viewpoint.Config it just like a real machine–ip,gateway,DNS……

Thanks all,

I used bridged and gave the machine IP address and now works fine.
thanks alot