VMware Install - Suse 11.0 GA I386

I tried installing Vmware under Suse 11.0 GA. The Vmware installer could not find a CPP “make” file.

I tried installing all CPP options and “make” was not installed. I searched using “whereis” and could not find a CPP “make”

Maybe this helps : openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - Suse 11.o Beta And Vmware 6.0.3

As I hear if you are installing VMWare server version 1.0.6 it seems to install without needing any extra patches.

Hope it helps,

I guess I should have said that I was trying to install Vmware Workstation 6.0.3, I did copy a “make” file from a Suse 10.3 system and was able to start the compile process, however with errors. The “make” I copied was from a older CPP release. It looks like to me that Suse never installed a CPP “make”, in their released GA 11.0 product? If so this could case many other problems.