Vmware how do I sandbox a network kiwi-ltsp

Playing with kikw-ltsp how do I sandbox the virtual network? I seem to have it running fine up to a point.

It’s when it goes to get some configs what I noticed is dhcpcd-info seems to be using the vmware one on vmnet8. Well a lot of presumption as vmnet8 is where as dhcpcd-info is presumably a fake dhcpd server at But for ltsp I need to stop this so the main server in the vm network does the dhcp calls. I’m presuming this will then find tftp.localdomain

as pic here…

So my question is what is the easiest way to do this? Or perhaps someone has some docs, I’m thinking this is easier to do out of VM first time. Or is this not possible?

A little bump and lets try this differently…

Curse you lot any way I rarely start root threads. I hate being at this point, stuck beyond the noob questions and to dumb for the mailing list answers.

Can I or how do I stop, vmware taking control of dhcp so that a virtual machine is doing the address allocation?

I’m not familiar with VMWare, only VirtualBox, but can’t you use bridging instead of NATing so that you don’t assign any VM addresses via DHCP? Then you should be able to run your own DHCP server on the VM network, I think.

Mmm I guess so think I’ll just have to experiment with the other machine, doing it this way is taking me into networking…

For some reason I hear networking and my brain just shuts down.

I really was hoping to keep it sandboxed as doing it that way I’ll need to play with the real network and take the router out of doing the dhcp allocation.

I’d hate to have to trouble shoot that, not to mention the learning curve. Was kind of why I liked kiwi-ltsp was taking some of the trickier bits out.

See what I mean think I need to look more into bridging lol

Edit 2
Yeah this is where I’m struggling in theory I don’t want any connection with the host. So bridging I think still would give me the same problems. I really do just want to sandbox it I don’t need it to know about the host at all. But need a virtual guest to do the ip allocation, I don’t really understand what is doing the ip allocation if I’m honest.