VMware Fusion 4.1.2 and tools...

This week, WMware finally released Fusion 4.1.2 so that, a “mere” six months after the release of openSUSE 12.1, Shared Folders will again work. Apparently, VMWare used deprecated APIs that finally were removed in the 3 series kernel. I assume that those on windows will find that the workstation has also been upgraded.

So I installed VMware tools. In so doing, the installer removes the versions of the tools that are distributed with openSUSE.

zypper dup now wants me to install them and possibly initiate a game of “ping pong” between VMware Fusion and zypper dup, each claiming that vmware tools are missing. (This is what happened a couple of years ago.) zypper says:

The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
libvmtools0 open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-gui vmware-guest-kmp-desktop

I have googled around for information but found none.

What is recommended, to use the vmware tools that are distributed with openSUSE or the ones that VMware distributes?

What is the point with the openSUSE packages?

The VMware provided installer will compile a version in case it cannot find a prebuilt binary so I can’t see the point. And until last week, the openSUSE packages were as broken with regard to “shared folders” as the vmware vendor ones.

You just need to start up YaST. Search on all four packages packages in question, right click on each one and select Protected on each one. A black lock should appear next to each and prevent its update. Zypper should honor anything that tries to over write your protections. I might also suggest future updates be done in YaST so that you can examine any proposed updates to make sure you do not “agree” to its removal. More than once I have had such a problem with a package that YaST wants to update and the Protection kept me safe, but just make sure you know to what you are agreeing to for any such proposed updates.

Thank You,

Thanks, I did this and it works. I also googled around a bit more and found the following:
Open Virtual Machine Tools

where they host the open source vmware tools. By clicking around one can eventually find in their mail archive that they made some kind of releases on March 12 and 13 that should make them up to date with the Linux 3.3 kernel.

SourceForge.net: Open Virtual Machine Tools: open-vm-tools-announce

But I still don’t understand the point of the project since VMware Fusion and VMware workstation both will compile from source if no binary is found, and since you get these tools with your VMware product and cannot use them without it.