VMWare and openSUSE taskbar!


I’ve installed openSUSE 11.1 as a guest OS on VMWare workstation 6.5, I noticed that openSUSE 11.1 comes with open-vm-tools so I don’t have to install VMWare tools.

I have my desktop now in the middle of the screen but not fit to the VMWare window (if in full screen mode) so I changed the screen resolution from 800600 to 1024768 and then all is well except for the Taskbar that didn’t take all the screen I don’t know why, even when using VMware tools and not open-vm-tools the same happens


attached is an Image for the desktop.

any clue in this problem

sorry for the image not their, but I couldn’t add it, if needed plz any one tell me how to add Image.


Use the image tags and an online host like imageshack, flickr etc…

Just install the VMWare tools, they offer far more options and work perfectly compared to the free stuff that comes with opensuse.

this the image of my desktop:

I already installed VMWare tools but nothing changed!!

sorry this is the link:
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Hi all,

I figured it out, it is not the problem of VMWare, it just that tha taskbar is a widget.

I just opened its Panel Settings and configured it to be centered and resized it to take screen width.

thanks all.