Vmware 7 doesn't install on Opensuse 11.3

I am trying namely 7.1

Ok I got it (VMWare Workstation 7) to install after poking at it… (and thanks to the post on page 2 by silenuz)

  1. Check that kernel source, syms, headers packages are installed
  2. Check that autoconf.h is in /usr/src/linux/includes/linux
  3. If not, then run make oldconfig && make prepare in /usr/src/linux
  4. find / -name ‘autoconf.h’
  5. Copy the autoconf.h file to /usr/src/linux/includes/linux (The header is in some weird place like /lib/src/uname -r/generated/ or something)
  6. cd /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source
  7. For all the tar files inside, do:
    a. tar xf [name]
    b. cd [name]
    c. make
  8. cd back to the source, copy all the .o files to /lib/modules/uname -r/misc as .ko files (create misc if its not there, do not place it anywhere else, the vmware service only looks in misc)9.
  9. depmod -a
  10. /etc/init.d/vmware restart

It should then load up fine… the only thing thats annoying is that I have a small KDE panel on auto hide at the bottom of the screen, and in the VM it seems to trigger before the Windows start bar :frowning: Had to move the windows task bar to the left of the screen…

Also posted on Installing VMWare 7.0 on openSuse 11.3 – Rants inside, a bit more details on there

Hope this helps

I had the same problem after a Kernel update in opensuse 11.3 to
My vmware stopped working.
After I rebooted the computer I reinstalled vmware and it worked after that.
So my solution was just to reboot the PC.
Hope this works for you.