VM Manager - Cloning disks, why shared or "full clone" options change repeatedly?

openSUSE 12.3, fully updated
Virtual Machine Manager 0.9,4

Attempting to clone “normal” disk.raw image files
Have tried both in default storage pool and a custom storage pool in my User home directory.

Have been frustrated about this for awhile now…

Attempting to Clone a VM using either VM Manager or System > Virtualization > Create VMs for Xen and KVM

From one day to another I might be given the option to Share the disk or Create a Full clone, but never both options at the same time and never consistently one or the other on a discernible basis.


  • Is there a documented how/why VM Manager (and also the other method I described obove) chooses to offer shared or full clone options?

Current alternative which always works is to use the command line virt-clone.