VM Image of OpenSuse - no Internet Connectivity

Hi There,

I have installed OpenSuse as a VM machine on my Vista box. I cannot get Internet connectivity to the OpenSuse image.
I used the same VM image network configuration as another VM image that I have, which has XP installed on it. The XP image has connectivity. So I’m guessing that there’s some kind of networking config thing I need to do in OpenSuse to get it to find the connection using DHCP.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Have you installed the VMWare guest tools… or just left it all default (using the open version of vmware tools that included in 11.0/11.1)?

Couple of questions:

  1. which openSUSE version are you using? And with which DE (KDE 3,4 GNOME, …)

  2. What does ’ /sbin/ifconfig ’ report? Any interfaces availible?

  3. Are you running bridged, nat or host only network to the VM?

I have not installed guest tools. I was trying to do that when I discovered that I had no connectivity. I need connectivity to install guest tools.

  1. I installed OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE 4.1.3
  2. ifconfig reports:


  1. I am running custom (default bridged)
    I have tried all of the options (NAT, bridged etc.) with no luck.

Thanks for the output… it is missing eth0 and only shows your loopback.

Does ’ hwinfo --network ’ show any devices and drivers for eth0?

Also try forcing eth0 up by entering ’ ifconfig eth0 up ’ and then check if the interface is listed with iwconfig.

Again run both commands in the root environment (using su - )

Ps. During install, at the hardware detection bit, did it show any network devices? Also, did you use the LiveCD or DVD? Good to know where this might be coming from.

*ifconfig eth0 up *returned eth0: unknown interface: no such device

hwinfo --network returned
I installed using the DVD.
Unfortunately, I cannot recall whether it detected any network devices during installation.

I need to sleep now. So if it goes quiet, I have not abandoned this thread.

Well, sleep sound if I’m too late! :wink:

You’ve got a eth1 listed in there… so you could try running ’ ifconfig eth1 up '. I’d try YaST > Network Settings first… might be the eth card will show up and you can configure it.

Anyway… we’ll resume later


Ps. It just occurred to me that the reason your network card has vanished is because you probably built the vm image on another system or moved the files. When you do this vmware gives the vm a different mac address and your VM is now looking for the previous one… thus no connection.

You should be able to fix this by removing the network configuration in YaST, rebooting and reconfiguring.

Hello. Trying ifconfig eth1 up did not work.

I created the image in the same place that it is currently located.

Here is a what I see at the YAST screen:



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Hi, missed your previous post.

Well, there are two nic’s appearing there. So something does seem to have shifted in your vm’s nic/mac configuration.

Did you try removing both nic configurations in YaST, saving that and reconfiguring?
I’m guessing eth1 is the one that set to ‘Notconfigured’.

Yay! I got it working!

I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I found a setting that indicated activation of the nic was set to never. I changed that to activate on boot.

Seems to have done the trick.

Good going :wink: No clue why the setting would have been shifted to never… clearing out the configuration and reconfiguring usually does the trick too.


Thank you kindly for your assistance.