VLC Will not play and VLC icon cannot be removed from taskbar

The caption says it all. Could be a version issue but am stuck.
I switched to packman repo at the outset and all has been well until recently.
Remind me please how can I check the existing installation and switch to packman repo.

As a workaround, at least for Leap 15.2 KDE and VLC from packman, click the taskbar icon and get a VLC window. Press ctrl+alt+esc to get the kill cursor, then click the VLC window. The window and icon disappear, and VLC will play a new file. HTH.

Hi Howard,
Many thanks. Your workaround worked just fine.
Wonder why things have gone wrong. I thought it was just because of the many Tumbleweed updates but seems you have it on 15.2 KDE too.
Thanks again,

vlc ----settings----Interface----qt
There you can set to show the icon in taskbar.

When you have a “taskbar” I assume you have a Desktop Environment. Which one?

Hi and thanks for this information which is good to know. My problem however is getting rid of the icon from the taskbar which does not always go when I quit.

KDE Plasma Version 5.19.5, KDE Frameworks Version 5.74.0

If I close VLC with Alt+F4, or by clicking the icon in the far upper left corner then clicking Close, the black-and-white icon in the task bar generally disappears. If I close VLC by clicking the X at the top right corner of the window, the black-and-white icon in the task bar generally stays. IIRC, behavior is not entirely consistent. Puzzling.

I am not sure (not using VLC often enough), but I think that VLC is one of those multi-media programs (Amarok does the same), that puts itself in the taskbar and then can only be closed by closong it from the program window itself (using the “File” menu and then the close item). Just closing the window will leave it at your service in the task bar.

I have been having this trouble with VLC on my TW/KDE system. I modified the settings to remove the taskbar option mentioned earlier. Now VLC will play any media I select rather than only the first one. However while it does not go in the taskbar now if I use the menu and click exit or use the X at the top right it is not removed from memory, Ksysguard still shows it and to remove it I have to kill it! Now this may be what the devs intended but when I quit something I expect it to close an remove itself from memory or at least ask if I really want it to remove itself.


Kontact, Akregator can also only completly closed by File-----Quit/Close (CTRL+Q)

I think that is the behavior because they are running in the taskbar.

In my case VLC does NOT appear in the taskbar but is still in memory after I use menu Media/Quit to close it (there is no File menu option in VLC).

However I just updated TW in the usual way and VLC was updated. Now I find when I select the Media/Quit option it DOES close completely and remove itself from memory. Perhaps this was part of the fixed just installed?


Is vlc running as daemon?


And yes no Files Menu ( translated from German) , its named Media.

Well, go to the VLC site and search for the change history?

I am running 15.1 and do not see all of the above.

When I start VLC from the main menu it runs as

henk     30340  1208 10 11:23 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/vlc --started-from-file

When I then close the window, it is gone.

When I look in the Preferences, it has the “Show systray icon” checked, bu I see nothing in the systray (??) (only the normal representation of a running program/window that stays as such when minimizing the window).

I can not find the “Advanced Preferences” as shown above. I guess I am a bit dumb, or my version ( does not have that.

And indeed, the leftmost menu item is not called File", but “Media”.

When I had the issue it was not running as a daemon ie. that setting was not checked.


Well the site is not very helpful I cannot easily find information about fixes. I’m not spending time searching it. As far as I’m concerned in TW it is no longer an issue for me.


I am running 15.1 and do not see all of the above.

You have to enable it on the right side: show advanced options, also on the left bottom show settings: all

Sorry, bewildering wording for me preferences, options, what is what.

I do not even understand at the right side of what. I do not see anything to click on the right side of the VLC window, nor on the right sight of the Prefernces window (where I would expect such settings).

In any case, thanks and please do not spend time on my ignorance, I am not the OP and not really interested for the very few times I run VLC. :wink:

Also on 15.2 the same problems with VLC, the program won’t close and you can’t play a new video.
To close VLC I am using KSysGuard.
I have installed Kaffeine, it has no problems luckily.
But it does look like a bug in VLC.