VLC will happily run once but ignore attempts to play a 2nd video. process cannot be killed > reboot

Anyone seen this?
I’m guessing its a little obscure given the silence on the bug report.


Started noticing the problem on a media PC back in April, it was an old PC that had hardware problems that caused it to restart randomly, so I didn’t want to attribute it to TW.

But since the PC has died i have repurposed an old acer AMD kabini SFF box into the same role, and its doing the same thing:

Start PC > Navigate to video folder > Double-click on file and hey-presto - it opens and plays fine in VLC.
Come back a while later wanting to play another video… and double-clicking on a video file and there is no response from the system.
Doesn’t seem to matter whether VLC was left open on the desktop, or had been closed to the system tray, VLC did not respond at all.
Right-clicking on the system tray to maximise the client and then using VLC ui to navigate to a file doesn’t work either.
So, close VLC and open again? That doesn’t work. Right-clicking on VLC in the taskbar or system tray to “quit” does not generate a response. Opening ksysguard and attempting to kill the VLC process has no effect either; no error message, request apparently processed fine, but no effect either.
If I restart the PC we’re back to square one; it will open a video fine, but no guarentee it will open another after that.

Old PC = Haswell/Z87 system using an R7 270x 2gb card
‘New’ PC = Acer AMD Kabini SFF box

Old PC = TW - but not entirely sure how i set up the proprietry codecs
‘New’ PC= TW - codecs setup as directed on the opensuse forums

Is there a chance this is just quirky behaviour on old and poorly supported hardware, and that a modern AMPGPU APU setup would have no such issues?

Kind regards. Jbt

n.b. While the title says “2nd video” and the body-text says “come back later”, it is instructive to point out that I can often play a number of videos one after the other, it is the ill-defined “come back later” that is the problem.

after enough (?) time has passed we reach this stage called ‘later’ whereupon vlc has achieved a state of unresponsiveness…

Uncle Carey on minimum hardware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlvTCOTP_Pk

Maybe it has to do with suspend/resume as there are some hardware that are not properly re-initialized IIRC from other issues around the internet wrt the system manager…
Maybe check the journals/logs in respect to suspend/resume.

I don’t think it has anything to do with VLC; I suspect it is your file manager.

is there anything in the specs i’d list that would fall outside basic support?

i do have a gigabyte b550 itx board, an nvme drive, and 16GB of PC3200 just waiting the release of the 4700g apu’s, but until then this is what i have got to play with. :slight_smile:

hmmm, interesting.

here you may be onto something, as suse tends to treat kabini devices as laptops, even going so far as to state in the taskbar that “battery is at 0%”.

but the haswell pc was straight up desktop hardware…

I already upgraded from i3-4130: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/541321-Upgrading-the-Hardware No problems encountered with any of the systems listed in the signature. I preferred b450 atx, but itx will be fine too. Never experienced serious problems with vlc.

Try running VLC from the terminal and see if there is any error output.