VLC trouble shooting

Hello there everyone, I hope I’m not duplicating another thread but if I am please let me know. This is regarding VLC player. I’m relatively new to opensuse, I’m mainly a Ubuntu user. I began using VLC and i’m having the biggest frustration with it. I begin to play a dvd. It works fine on initial start-up however at any random point in the movie it will just freeze. The actual program won’t freeze it just will stop reading the dvd. From that point on, there’s nothing I can do short of restarting the entire computer to get it going again. Restarting VLC and trying to get back the part of the movie where i left off won’t do it. It’s made for a very annoying experience. Yes I checked if it was my dvd and it’s flawless no scratches on it or anything of that sort. Any suggestions?

There was a time where vlc would stop in the middle of a video, and a fix back then was to switch the output mode to OSS (from auto). I don’t know if that is still the case, but you could check. (I confess if it were me, i would try ‘pulse’ before I tried ‘OSS’ ).